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“Women in the Boardroom offered great resources and webinars as I began my board search two years ago. The monthly webinars and exceptional recorded webinar library were extremely helpful in developing processes, confidence and synergies. I highly recommend Women in the Boardroom for those initiating, as well as continuing, board director opportunities.”

Lynne Dougherty, Franchise and Family Business Executive & Corporate Board Director

“My board seat at EverDriven is actually a perfect match. And there's no way that I would have known about it, if it hadn't been for Women in the Boardroom. I have been appointed to lead the ESG efforts of my board, and WIB's webinars and background information proved extremely valuable.”

Caprice Young, Education Innovation Executive and Superintendent & Corporate Board Director

“Women in the Boardroom is a wonderful organization for preparing women to serve on boards. WIB CEO Sheila Ronning is great at engaging people and running educational sessions. The webinar tutorials that WIB provides on specific topics and the direct advice that Sheila provides have been most welcome and appreciated. I’d highly recommend WIB for women preparing to serve on boards as well as for those already serving on boards.”

Dessa Glasser, Principal at Financial Risk Group & Independent Board Member

“"One of the many benefits of membership is being notified of various board openings. One of the board openings that came through was for a mutual fund, Columbia Threadneedle, and I am thrilled that I am now on their board of directors. I am extremely grateful to WIB for making this possible. I would not have known of this opportunity nor been able to apply for the position had it not been for Women in the Boardroom.”

Sandy Yeager, Independent Director, Columbia Threadneedle Funds

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