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  • Is this just for women?
    This program is a crucial tool for any senior leader preparing for board service now or in the future. The principles and process have been developed by Women in the Boardroom but the information and step-by-step guidance are the same for everyone with the leadership experience to embark on this journey.

  • What materials do I need?
    No materials are required for Scoring Your Board Seat. Any tools or resources needed to follow the Women in the Boardroom process are provided through this interactive platform.

  • Do I have to go through the whole course at a particular time/date?
    No, you can complete the course(s) at any time. There’s no start time, and each course remains available from the time you set up access although we encourage you to begin as quickly as possible to get started on your board journey. You can come back and access the course to refresh yourself on key topics or refer to the resource materials as needed.

  • Do I have to complete the episodes and topics in order?
    Episodes and the topics within a course do build on each other but not to such an extent that you cannot personalize your experience by completing them in a different order. That said, completing a course in the structured sequence order helps you get the most out of the experience and helps ensure that the follow-up emails keep you motivated and focused on completing the content.

  • Can I share my login with a friend?
    No. In order to get the most out of the journey, you need to be the only person going through the step-by-step process so you (and we!) can keep track of your progress and help you stay on course and focused and know when to offer you assistance where needed.

  • Will there be ongoing support?
    Yes, we're here to support you throughout your board journey through a number of resources. Within the course and in the Resources Hub you will find suggestions and links to purchase additional services should you need help such as one-on-one board strategy sessions, board document writing and design, LinkedIn writing delivered by our WIB-certified Board Strategists and/or a membership in Women in the Boardroom. If you have questions, you can contact us at

  • What’s your refund policy?
    Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund on any of our digital courses or on services delivered by our WIB-certified Board Strategists. We reserve the right to cancel a course under certain circumstances. In the unlikely event that we cancel a course, we will offer a full or partial refund for the cost of the course.

  • Are there other courses in the Scoring Your Board Seat series beyond Believe and Prepare?
    We are developing additional interactive experiences on topics such as networking, researching target companies and finding the right board role for you. Once you have participated in one of our courses, we will be letting you know as we release new courses.

  • Is Scoring Your Board Seat included in my Women in the Boardroom VIP membership?
    Access to Scoring Your Board Seat: Believe is free. Access to Prepare is not included in your WIB membership but is a valuable tool in providing you with the resources & practical guidance you need to define your personal brand, develop your elevator pitch, and write your board-ready documents and LinkedIn profile. We highly recommend the course for WIB members as a complement to their membership.