Now is your time

You have made large strides in your career. You’ve been promoted, acknowledged, and praised for excellent work and are ready to elevate your career path through board service.

And there has never been a better time than now to seek board seat opportunities.

But you’re wondering if you’re ready to score a board seat.

Do I have enough experience?

Is this a good next step for me?

Is now the right time for me?


3 episodes

  1. Are You Board Ready Yet?

  2. Are You Ready?

  3. Great Job! Keep Going! Time to Prepare

About this course

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What's Inside

Women in the Boardroom has prepared and propelled thousands of extraordinarily sharp professionals just like you to score their board seat.

  • Are You Ready? - Women in the Boardroom’s exclusive assessment - gives you personalized feedback and a concrete answer as to when you are ready to start your boardroom journey

  • Insights into the skills and qualifications corporate boards are seeking in their members

  • The specific steps you should take to position yourself for board service opportunities

Start getting ready for board service with Scoring Your Board Seat: Prepare and leave with:

A strong personal brand that conveys your unique expertise and professional story.
All of the professional board documents you need to start applying.
An expertly crafted, well-rehearsed elevator pitch to prepare you for networking into a board role.
An optimized LinkedIn profile that reflects your personal brand and demonstrates your board readiness.