You’re a powerhouse.

With years in your industry and a long list of accomplishments, you’re ready for your next great career challenge. And this time…

You’re ready to take your seat in the boardroom.

The only issue is sheer confusion. You know what you have to do to get there, but nobody has ever given you a roadmap of the steps you need to take to position yourself as a competitive board applicant.


Don't let the unknown stop you from achieving the peak of your career.

  • Research what it takes to get a board seat, but feel dissatisfied with the vague information out there about what board service actually involves

  • Want to start preparing to achieve a board seat but don’t even know what the first step should be

  • Feel that you are not connected enough through your network to uncover and score these board openings

  • Have lots of experience but still feel lost as to how to position yourself as a competitive applicant for board service

  • Struggle to find the exact materials, tools, and documents you need to apply for a board opening

Women in Leadership Course

Pulling the Curtain Back

Knowing what it takes to score a board seat can feel like a shot in the dark, even to senior executives.

That’s because, historically, these coveted seats would be filled based on “who you know,”...and that network has not always favored a diverse set of candidates.

Now, with new gender and diversity initiatives required by states and corporations, the opportunities for diverse candidates to achieve these positions have increased. Unfortunately, a lack of step-by-step education and mentorship makes finding the “secret sauce” of actually getting a board seat tough to find.



4 Episodes

  1. Episode 1: Your Story


  3. Episode 2: Crafting Your Board Documents

  4. Episode 3: Mastering Your Elevator Pitch


  6. Episode 4: Leveling Up Your LinkedIn Profile

About this course

  • $399.00
  • 34 lessons

Scoring Your Board Seat

Prepare gives you the exact guide you need to prepare yourself to develop your value-add and then create and all the elements you need to pursue board openings.

By the end of Prepare, you will: Define your value-add to convey your unique expertise when applying for board openings Differentiate yourself from other board candidates by developing your personal brand Prepare all of the board documents you need to position yourself as a competitive candidate using Women in the Boardroom’s proven method Create and perfect a concise and compelling elevator pitch Power up your LinkedIn profile to set yourself up for board service and use it as an effective personal branding and networking tool

Start getting ready for board service with Scoring Your Board Seat: Prepare and leave with:

A strong personal brand that conveys your unique expertise and professional story.
All of the professional board documents you need to start applying.
An expertly crafted, well-rehearsed elevator pitch to prepare you for networking into a board role.
An optimized LinkedIn profile that reflects your personal brand and demonstrates your board readiness.